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Customer Support
Beginning Monday, April 25th, 2011, calls to the Unlimitel support number will be handled by Primus Business Support.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – April 22nd, 2011



Primus Acquires Unlimitel Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some questions you may have concerning the acquisition of Unlimitel by Primus Business Services.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – April 7th, 2011



Customer Communication
We are very pleased to announce that Primus Business Services, a division of Primus Canada Inc., has acquired Unlimitel Inc. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Primus Business Services community of customers a Canadian base of over 60,000 business customers.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – April 7th, 2011



Primus acquires Unlimitel Inc.
Primus Business Services, a division of Primus Canada Inc., today announced it has acquired Unlimitel Inc. Primus Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Primus Telecommunications Group Inc. (PTGi) -- OTCBB: PMUG.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – April 7th, 2011



Unlimitel drops calls to 1cent/minute.
Effective September 1st, 2010; Unlimitel drops the price of long distance (within Canada & USA) and local calls to 1 cent/minute.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 7th, 2010



Unlimitel reduces Tollfree services to 2.9cents/minute from USA & Canada!
Unlimitel is announcing a rate reduction for our incoming tollfree services.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – June 16th, 2010



Unlimitel offers new VoIP colocation space.
Unlimitel is now offering secure VoIP colocation services with 24/7 on-site guard.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – December 10th, 2009



Unlimitel opens up 21 new locations.
Checkout our new list of cities now available with Unlimitel.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – August 1st, 2009



Unlimitel releases a new FREE Soft PBX on CD.
New complete FREE IP-PBX on CD.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – January 12, 2009



Unlimitel is now offering calls to Canada and the USA for just 1cent/minute.
One rate for calls to Canada and USA.
Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 27, 2008



Unlimitel starts offering dedicated IP-PBX services using the Warp IP-PBX appliance from Pika.
New easy to use hosted IP-PBX services from Unlimitel
Ottawa, ON, Canada – July 28, 2008



Unlimitel is adding seven new Canadian cities to its VoIP network for a total of 26 Canadian cities
Unlimitel will offer VoIP services with phone numbers from seven new cities in Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada – April 25, 2008



PIKA Technologies Announces Appliance for ASTERISK®, a reliable, low-cost Asterisk deployment platform
Out-of-the-box open-source feature-rich appliance optimal for SMB environment
Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 18, 2007




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