Let the savings begin!

Unlimitel will now offer all calls within Canada & USA at 1 cent/minute*(CAD$) starting September 1st, 2010. This is a 50% reduction in rates from our previous long distance rates.

Our quality of service will remain exactly the same and we will always provide you with the best possible standards in call quality. We continue to use Bell for our long distance calls, it's just cheaper!

*Calls to independent telcos in Canada are charged a different rate in each market. You can download the rate sheet here for independent telcos: Download the rate Sheet. Calls to high costs areas in the USA are charged 4 cents/minute. You can download the list of NPA in the USA high costs area: Download USA High Cost Areas.

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T1 Capacity DOUBLED

We have doubled our T1 capacity in Toronto,Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Hamilton, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Quebec City.

By doubling our capacity, we've split our T1 network between 2x diversified Sonet rings for better uptime and reliability. If our provider (Bell) experiences an outage on a main fibre route between Montreal and Toronto, Unlimitel will be able to maintain a portion of the network. This means our network will still originate and terminate calls during a Bell outage.

The competitors cannot afford to build such networks as they do not have enough capacity to justify the additional cost to offer this redundant network configuration.

Unlimitel has maintained the same goal for 14 years: Build the best voice service with the highest quality and stability possible!

Technology Upgrades

In order to maintain the best possible call quality as our network grows we have installed and commissioned a second carrier class telephone switch.


As a result we are now able to route toll-free calls based on the originating caller ID number.

For example, if a toll-free call originates from an Ontario DID, the call will be routed to the appropriate toll-free number in Toronto. If a toll-free call originates from a Montreal DID, we will route the toll-free call to Montreal.

No more confusion! Your customers will now hear the appropriate language option for their region.


The new telephone switch also allows us to connect calls to Info-Sante: 811.
This service is available for customers in the province of Quebec (originating from a Quebec DID).

New Ste-Therese/Blainville

Customers can now order DIDs from Ste-Therese/Blainville and/or transfer phone numbers from Ste-Therese/Blainville with Unlimitel, effective immediately.

Additionally, all calls made to St-Jerome, Quebec are now ON-NET local calls.

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