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Primus Acquires Unlimitel Ė Frequently Asked Questions

General and deal rationale

  1. What is Primus announcing?

    Primus announced today that it has acquired Unlimitel Inc., a technological leader in the area of VoIP and SIP-based products.
  2. Why is Primus acquiring Unlimitel?

    The acquisition provides a complementary solution for our SIP strategy. The expanded service allows us to offer customers a cost-effective and entry-level SIP service. It also provides immediate expansion into other regions, including Quebec. With the Unlimitel service areas, we are able to offer businesses our HPBX solution more easily.
  3. Who is Unlimitel?

    Unlimitel began in 1997 as HMNET. They later changed to Unlimitel Inc. in 2002. Unlimtel has offices in Casselman, Ontario. Stephan Monette is the founder and President of Unlimitel.

    Unlimitel offers a wide range of products to support the needs of businesses across Canada. Included in their service offering is a state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems, gateways and routers. Unlimitel couples their product offerings with a selection of support service options to help business get the most out of their telephone solution. From VoIP phone and fax services to Internet access to monitoring, Unlimitel provides a complete telephony solution.

    Unlimitel offers business a pre-paid SIP service, charged on a per minute basis.
  4. Who is Primus Business Services?

    Primus Business Services is a leading national data centre and managed services solutions provider, offering services that include virtual storage, security, disaster recovery, cloud computing, voice, and IP connectivity solutions. Primus Business Services owns and manages seven world-class, state-of-the-art data centres across Canada.
  5. How do Unlimitel and Primus products fit together?

    The Unlimitel SIP offering compliments Primusí current suite of VoIP services. Unlimitel is one of the few SIP providers that fully supports Asterisk users and IAX2 protocols. The Unlimitel product set will become a key offering in Primusí line of SIP services.
  6. What is the value to customers?

    The value to customers in bringing Unlimitel under Primus means that customers will now have extended service hours, a larger potential serving area, access to a full suite of services, and a much larger organization to ensure both reliability and longevity of the business.
  7. What is the current status of Unlimitelís organization?

    Unlimitel will continue to function as a separate brand from Primus Business Services. All employees will maintain their current functions.

    Unlimitel employment-related questions
  8. What does today's announcement mean for Unlimitel employees?

    The founder and president, Stephan Monette, will join the Primus team and will report to AJ Byers. Stephan will be responsible for the continuing growth of the Unlimitel base. The Unlimitel employees will have access to all Primus resources.
  9. What will the organizational structure be for Unlimitel within Primus?

    Unlimitel will be managed as a separate organization under Primus Business Services. No changes are expected to their way of doing business at this time. Stephan Monette will report directly to AJ Byers. With the acquisition, Unlimitel customers will be supported by the Primus Care Team.

General Unlimitel questions

  1. What does Unlimitelís technology provide to Primus?

    Unlimitelís technology provides Primus a much greater reach into the Canadian SIP market through immediate access to both IAX2 and SIP protocols. As one of the few service providers to offer both, this gives Primus the strategic position to serve a diverse marketplace for various CPE endpoints.
  2. Will my pricing stay the same?

    There are no pricing changes expected at this time. Processes and payment terms remain unchanged.
  3. Will I need to change my system configurations?

    No. Your system configurations will remain unchanged. We expect no impact to your current service.
  4. Will I call the same support number?

    Unlimitel customers should continue to call the same support number for any questions or issues.
  5. What is the order process?

    There is no change to the order process for Unlimitel products. All upgrades, expansions or new sales will be managed on-line per the current ordering procedures.


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