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Unlimitel offers a wide range of products to support your offering. Choose from our state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems, gateways and router selection.

If you don't find the information you're looking for, or would like to order merchandise, please email info@unlimitel.ca for more information.

If you are interested to become a system reseller, you just need to come to our system Certification training session. You can reserve your seat to our next training session by visiting this link: Certification Training Application Form.

Soft PBX on CD (FREE)

This IP-PBX phone system has enough power to support up to 50 VoIP phones, 4 or 8 external analog phones lines and 24 VoIP trunks with SIP or IAX2 protocol.

The system is pre-loaded with the latest Asterisk version including custom PBX functions unique to Unlimitel. It also includes our custom web management tools with phone provisioning for Aastra and Polycom IP phones.

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If you're just looking to experiment IP-PBX with VoIP and IP phones, you can download our FREE light version of our new Soft PBX on CD called DaPhone(tm).

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Click below to download our FREE Soft PBX on CD:

Single & Multi Core version

Visit our Support Page for installation instructions.


If you need to connect home offices to your phone system, we highly recommend the Mediatrix 2102 - 2 Port FXS Gateway.

Experience exceptional voice quality with no echo!



In order to handle VoIP calls on your local network, you'll need a high performance router/firewall, like the SnapGear units.

These modules supports SIP Outbound Proxy allowing the use of SIP devices behind a NAT firewall without opening any UDP ports on the router.


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