VoIP Support - VoIP FAqs

Q. Why the voice quality seems to degrade when I download from the Internet while talking on the phone?

In order to reserve enough bandwidth for your VoIP connection, you need to install/program your router/firewall to do some type of QOS (quality of service) or reserve at least 200kbps of bandwidth for your VoIP device.

Another solution is to purchase a Mediatrix 2102 and install it between your cable/dsl modem and your firewall. The Mediatrix 2102 will automatically reserved enough bandwidth and will prioritize your voice traffic.

Q. My Asterisk server sits behind a firewall; which signaling protocol should I use?

In this case, we strongly suggest to use the IAX protocol to travers NAT firewalls without any troubles.

Q. I only get one way audio?

This is most likely a configuration problem with your NAT firewall. Make sure you forward the right UDP ports to your SIP device. Forward port 5060 (SIP) and all your RTP ports (check your rtp.conf file).

Q. What's a DID?

DIDs are an acronym for telephone numbers. You can assign multiple DIDs from the following regions to have a local presence everywhere:

Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, London, Kitchener, Hamilton and Kingston.

Q. When do I receive my call detail records?

You receive your CDRs everyday by email with your prepaid account balance.

Q. Does my prepaid account expires?

If you didn't commit to any minimum calll volume, your prepaid account will expire after 1 year from your last prepaid account recharge date. This means if you do not use your $50.00 for all your calls during a one year period, you will loose your balance of your prepaid account and we will recharge your account with another $50.00.

Q. Can I cancel my VoIP service at any time?

YES you can. But you loose the balance left over in your prepaid account.





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