VoIP Support - Long distance FAqs

Q. What are the long distance local access phone numbers?

  Ottawa   613-688-4000  
  Cornwall   613-938-0222  
  Brockville   613-345-2888  
  Kingston   613-549-5220  
  Toronto   647-722-2244  
  Hamilton   905-481-2244  
  Kitchener   519-489-2244  
  London   519-488-1144  
  Montreal   514-448-4001  

Q. What type of telephone equipment do I need to use your telephone services?

All you need is a touch tone phone.

Q. I can't make any calls, I always hear a fast busy tone?

To use our flat rate long distance services, you must always dial your local access number without dialing "1". It will ring once and after the beeps, dial the area code and the telephone number of the person you're calling. Never dial "1" before dialing the area code.







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